Need something that you can't find? Email us a photo, we may have a source for it!

About Rufkahrs Hardware Tree

Rufkahrs Hardware Inc. was founded in 1987 by Clifford Rufkahr to provide a reliable outlet for customers to source a unique variety of modern and antique reproduction furniture hardware pieces. We later rebranded with the website as Rufkahrs Hardware Tree.

We have had a continuous internet presence since 1993. Our company was an early adopter of the web, as we saw the internet's potential to be an effective retail outlet, and have since served hundreds of thousands of customers online. Our original website site still lives on even today at It's mostly a fond walk down memory lane at this point, but it still does refer a few customers over to our modern e-commerce store here at Hardware Tree.

Our clients vary from private individuals working on a particular project to large corporations placing volume orders. We have the experience and means to support any procurement requirements. If you're in need of large quantities, our website is set to give volume discounts on many of our products.

Rufkahrs Hardware Tree has a wide range of industry experience and expertise behind it having been in the antique business, home building, advertising, and Pepsi-Cola business previously. We are a family owned business, and as such we strive for old fashion personal service. Most of our 5600 products are in stock and we try to ship on the day ordered if not then the next day, excluding weekends. We have a small well-trained staff. If you call us, there is no complicated phone system requiring customers to jump through hoops. If you have an item you can't find, email us a photo and we may have a source for it.

-Clifford Rufkahr

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