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Tea Cart Wheel in Ash AW-189TCWASH Amware

AW-189TCWASH...Ash Tea Cart Wheel used on tea carts and bar carts, etc. Sold by each. We suggest buying two wheels so they match. 8-Spoke Unfinished Ash Tea Cart Wheels are 14 1/2 inches in diameter x 3/4" thick. Ash is the closest match to oak. Hub is 2 inches in diameter x 3" thick. Includes tire. Check Details for larger Photo. Tea Cart Wheels require special axle for attachment. You may use TCWAXLEPIN and make your own wooden axle or use the AW-189TCWAAXLE which has a fixed width and when the wheels are installed the distance from inside wheel side to wheel side is approximately 18-1/2" wide, so if your cart is wider or narrower, you may want to use the TCWAXLEPIN to make your own. The TCWAXLEPIN is 4-3/8" long of which 2-1/2" should be sticking outside the wooden axle. Wheel pops on to either axle similar to the way a caster stem installs in the leg of a chair.
Price: $85.00
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