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Tea Cart Wheel in Cherry AW-189TCWCHERRY Amware

AW-189TCWCHERRY...Cherry Tea Cart Wheel used on tea carts and bar carts, etc. Sold by each but we suggest buying two so wheels match. 8-Spoke Unfinished Cherry Tea Cart Wheel...14 1/2 inches in diameter x 3/4" thick ...Hub is 2 inches in diameter x 3 inches thick. Includes tire. Check Details for larger Photo. Tea Cart WheelS require special axle for attachment. You may use TCWAXLEPIN and make your own wooden axle or use the AW-189TCWAAXLE which has a fixed width and when the wheels are installed the distance from inside wheel side to wheel side is approximately 18-1/2" wide, so if your cart is wider or narrower, you may want to use the TCWAXLEPIN to make your own. TCWAXLEPIN is 4-3/8" long of which 2-1/2" should be sticking outside the wooden axle. Wheel pops on to either axle similar to the way a caster stem installs in the leg of a chair. See larger view for details.
Price: $85.00
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