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Inset Glass Door Hinge Self Latching H-17485P Brass Self Latching

H-17485P... Pair of Self Latching No Bore Inset Glass Door Hinge in Brass finish. This hinge is saddled over the top and bottom of a glass door. Door must be an inset door. Each pair of hinges comes with one spring loaded bullet catch which is installed above hinge in a drilled hole and aligns with the hole on top of the hinge. when door is closed. Hinge in the foreground of the picture shows the nylon set screws that tighten to secure hinge to glass. You can also see the reflection of the back side of the screws in the foreground hinge. The hinge seen in the background of the picture shows the top of the hinge with the post which installs in the top and bottom cabinet panel with the bushings. Hole opposite of the post is for bullet catch ball. For production purposes both hinges have a hole for the bullet catch but only one bullet catch is used per pair of hinge (one door). Overall front of hinge plate, non screw side, is 2 inches long by 13/16 inches high excludes post which is approximately 5/16 inches tall. Made for glass 3/16" and 1/4" thick glass. One pair of hinges does one door. Inset door needs a close tolerance for bullet catch to engage hinge. Buy 10, 50 or more for a discount.
Price: $3.95
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