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Desk Drop Front Flap Hinge in Nickel Finished Metal. Sold Each Not Pairs H-32435N

H-32435N ... Drop Front Desk Flap Hinge in Nickel Finished Metal. All Metal Adjustable Drop Flap Desk Hinge. 90 Degree Opening. Also often used keyboard tray and for heavier flaps. 6-way adjustable. Overall size is 1-1/2 inches wide and is approximatly 2-1/4 inches long. Detachable for separate mounting on flap and shelf. Flap opens flush with shelf. Lipped edging conceals roughness of bore. No routing or mortising. Drill 35mm (1-3/8 inch diameter) hole, by 11mm (7/16" Deep) and 11/32" from edge. Boring setup is identical on both parts. All metal, Nickel Plated. Sold Each Not Pairs. Enlarge, shows photo of back and front of the hinge.
Price: $7.50
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