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12x6 Inch Polished Stainless Steel Trash Grommet Countertop Trim Ring HC-6152-679

HC-6152-679... 12x6 Inch Polished Stainless Steel Trash Grommet. Trash Chute Measures: 12 inch diameter x 6 inches deep, fits a 12" hole. Approximate 12-3/4" flange diameter. These are used a lot to build free standing self trash receptacles. Extra depth helps trash hit the trash bin and helps obscure view of trash. One of our customers builds over 100 of these a year, especially for the fast food industry. Check details for larger Image. The 6 inch depth in this size grommet is amost impossible to find. Largest of the Trash Hole Trim Rings. TM12B
Price: $94.95
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