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Lock Flush Mount L-249-212L/L-249BOWKYL 100 count
Lock Flush Mount L-249-212L/L-249BOWKYL 100 count
L-249-212L... Lock sold in Lots of 100. Locks Are Stat.Bronze 2" H x 1" W. includes key# L-249BOWKYL. Flush mount bronze finished steel locks are typically mounted in the vertical position and can be used on a left or right hand door. Selvedge is the tongue part of the lock coming out on the side to hold the door shut in the locked position. There is also a pin inside the keyhole which the key's hollow shaft fits over, when key is inserted into the lock. All measurements are given as the lock is positioned in this photo. When picking out a lock it is more important to know where the pin is positioned in regards to the edge of the door, which won't include any overlay trim, if any. Pin is 5/8 of an inch from the edge when measured from the left or the right. Pin is 1-1/2 inches from the top edge of lock. Selvedge/Tongue sticks out 3/8 of an inch when locked. In this case your key hole center should be no more than 5/8 inch from the edge of the door. Lock body is 5/16 inches thick, 2-1/2 inches high by 1-1/4 inch wide
Price: $425.00
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