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Chrome Side Mount Gang Lock Set

LH1146K Side Mount Gang Lock Set. Sold by set. ONLY IN CHROME Our lowest priced, easiest to install, Side Mount Gang Lock is an adjustable 3-drawer locking system. One turn of a key opens all 3 drawers of a file cabinet or desk simultaneously! Drawer locking pins can be located in any position to fit varied drawer heights. With 2 positions for the lock, the cylinder is inserted on the side of the pedestal. Rotating the key moves the locking bar up or down 10mm to engage recesses in the drawer sides. The set includes a lock, 2 keys, a cylinder trim ring, a 24" bar, 3 adjustable pegs with extenders and 1 mounting saddle. SEE INSTRUCTIONS 1 DRILL THE HOLE IN THE SIDE OF THE BANK OF DRAWERS FOR THE LOCK HOUSING. 2 SCREW THE LOCK HOUSING TO THE INSIDE OF THE BANK OF DRAWERS. 3 INSERT THE BAR INTO THE LOCK HOUSING 4 CHECK THAT THE NOTCH IN THE BAR CAN BE SEEN THROUGH THE LOCK HOUSING 5 INSERT THE LOCK IN THE HOUSING AND TURN UNTIL THE PIN ON THE LOCK SEATS ITSELF IN THE NOTCH 6 ONCE THE LOCK SEATS ITSELF IT CANNOT BE REMOVED. WARNING: Choosing the wrong notch is a fatal error and you will have to purchase another
Price: $29.95
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