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Purse Latch OBP-2735ANTB

OBP-2735ANTB... Sold by the Each. Ideal Latch for Leather/ Cloth bags, purses. Finish in an Antique Brass. Simple turn latch mechanism. Larger clover leaf part has 2 plates separated by a gap which is approximately 5/32". Depending on the material, plates may accommodate a thicker, softer material. Hole must be cut through Leather or Cloth then the clover leaf plates are put on each side to sandwich the material, two screws hold plates together. The turn part of the latch has 2 metal tabs on back which are used in combination with the slotted metal plate. Tabs are inserted and bent flat to fasten. First 2 picture on the left show the lock disengaged, third picture shows. Latch engaged, fourth picture shows back of latch and flat slotted plate. Measured like a square Clover Leaf part is approximately 1-9/16" square. Measuring at an angle, like a diamond the widest is 1-13/16". Buy 10, 20, or 50 or more and save. Available in Nickel finish item number OBP-2735NIC and Gold finish item number OBP-2735GOLD located on this site.
Price: $6.95
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