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Pair of Drop Down Lid Stays L&R SI-8425LRA3B 8-7/16 inches long

SI-8425LA3B.. Pair of Drop Down Lid Stays, left and right hand. Lid stay is 8-7/16 inches long from the foot to the other end. Flat bar is 5/16 wide. Foot is 1-3/4 x 5/8 inches. Foot screw holes are 1-1/4 inches on center to the 2 outside holes. Triangle plate is 1-3/4 inches long and screw holes are 1-1/4 inches on center.Flap Stay with Braking Action Unique braking action. Infinitely adjustable using miniature nylon cylinders to correct for all flap weights. Cannot jam or slam. Not affected by temperature changes. Functions on 32mm system. For vertical or horizontal application. Chromed steel bar and nylon parts in black. Secretary Lid Stay and other lid applications. Braking tension is increased by loosening the set screw. Check Details for Larger Photo.
Price: $18.95
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