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Wheel Axle for Tea Carts S-3074 TCWAXLEPIN

TCWAXLEPIN......Tea Cart Steel Axles sold in Pairs. These axles can be used to make your own wooden axles. Your cart may be wider or more narrow so it may be desirable to make your own for the desired fit. Drill holes in your wooden axle and epoxy steel axles in place. Installed, notched end of steel axle should stick out at 2-5/8 inches to fully engage our wooden wheel hubs which have a inbedded steel socket sleeve with prongs to engage axle notch, similar to sockets used with chair casters. If the axles stick out too far then a there will be a gap between the hub and wooden axle. Once axles are installed then our wooden wheel can be pushed on to engage socket fully. Sockets in our wooden wheels have prongs which spread to engage the axle notch. Axle Pins are 4 3/8 inches long x 5/16 inches in diameter. Search for S-2430 if want an idea of what the hub socket looks like.
Price: $10.95
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