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Sewing Machine Flip Top Table Hinge 2-3/4 x 1-3/16 Inches Antique Brass Finish Sold by Each Not Pairs V116AE-HERSH

V116AE-HERSH........ Flip Top Table Hinge Opens 180 degrees. Hinge with round ends in Antique English Finish over Solid Brass. Hinge Measures 2-3/4 inches long x 1-3/16 inches wide. Hinge is also used on some sewing machines On Flip Top Tables this hinge allows drop leafs to flip over on top of the table top, so it can still be used as a table. These hinges are sometimes used to build keyboard tray drawers for desk. There are some added photos under the enlarge link, provides views of how the drawer is configured, if you are starting from scratch. Shows the dado/rabbet cuts for the drawer. You may also want to look at M-170SLIDELHD and M-170SLIDERHD. latches for these types of drawers. SOLD BY EACH NOT PAIRS.
Price: $6.85
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