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OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY ! Adult Size Pair of Bent Oak Rocking Chair Rockers Runners W3-5240 1-7/8 Inches Wide x 34 1/4 Inches Long

OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY ! W3-5240..Pair of Bent Red Oak Rocker Runners for Rocking Chairs are approximmately 1-5/16 inches tall Pair of Bent Red Oak Rocking Chair Rocker Runners Approx Size- 1 5/16" tall x 1-7/8" wide x 34 1/4" Long. Bent Red Oak Rocking Chair Runners Length measurement straight across tip to tip. Stronger than cut runners, these oak runners are Steam Bent. Sanded - Unfinished - Not Drilled...Balance of chair on rocker is more crucial than length. When you sit in the chair, it should not lean too far forward or too far back. Measurements are approximate. Up to a 15% restock fee may apply on returns of this item
Price: $68.95
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