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165 LBS Under Bed Storage 36" Mechanism X-22401S
165 LBS Under Bed Storage 36" Mechanism X-22401S
X22401S... Pair of Gas Spring Bed Storage Mechanism. (left & right) with fastenings. Side opening for Full. Weights from 65/75 Kilo =165Lbs. Lifts easily with the assistance of gas spring stays and closes smoothly and silently. 4 foot support brackets fasten to underside of bed spring while side brackets attach to inside of bed frame. See and Scroll Enlarged Picture for some other installs using this hardware. Side or end install depends on type unit you buy. You should buy based on weight and if unit is restricted to side opening. Weight should include the mattress, mattress platform and bed coverings etc. the total weight being lifted. 15% restock applies on returns. This is for the mechanism only and does not include the bed. Many customers use these to make other types of storage or anything requiring a lift up or access lid. Many uses besides beds.
Price: $94.95
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