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Case of 25 Twelve Inch Steel Lazy Susan Swivel Bearings XLAZSUSN12ZCASE

XLAZSUSN12ZCASE.. Case of 25 Twelve Inch Diameter Lazy Susan Swivel Bearings. 12 inch diameter x 5/16 inch thick, 1000 lb. capacity in a balanced horizontal position. Turntable size 20-40 inches. Susan swivels are best sandwich between two pieces of wood and top and bottom panels should be near the same size. Large top and small bottom will cause it to see-saw. Sandwiching is made easy when you drill an access hole through the bottom board. This allows you to screw through the swivel to attach the top board. This is one of the workhorses of the lazy susan swivels, and has been around for 60+ years. It is used to make lazy susan turntables for dining tables, photography and display turntables, and also used to speed up taping / shrink wrapping packages for shipping or anything requiring a rotating base.
Price: $395.00
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