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Aluminum Lazy Susan Swivel Bearing 8 Inch SXLAZSUSN8AL

XLAZSUSN8AL..8 Inch Aluminum Lazy Susan Swivel Bearing, Sold by the each. Buy 10 or more for a discount price. 8 inch outside diameter. Wide-Load Super Swivels 360ยบ Turning. High Precision Fit rings 1/6" higher than the other, capture large steel bearings for a non-binding rotation. Equipped with removable non-skid rubber pads. Smooth Operating Quality Susan in aluminum with a 175 Pound Capacity in a flat balanced horizontal position, swivel is 9/16 inch high. Used to make lazy susan turntables for food, photography, displays, package wrapping and other places requiring a rotating base.
Price: $28.95
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