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Art Fiber Rush Weaving Book A-0028

Price: $6.75
Basic Chair Caning Book A-0026

Price: $6.75
Chair Seat Weaving for Antique Chairs Book A-0025

Price: $12.25
Chair Weaving with Fiber Rush DVD V-0013

Price: $26.95

Price: $0.00
Herringbone Weave Book A-0018

Price: $6.25
How to Buy and Restore Wicker Furniture Book A-0081

Price: $25.95
Ideas for the experienced Caner #2 A-0002

Price: $7.75
New England Porch Weave Book A-0019

Price: $6.25
Shaker Tape Weaving Book A-0029

Price: $6.75
Splint Type Chair Weaving DVD V-0014

Price: $26.95
Splint Weaving Book A-0027

Price: $5.25
The Caner's Handbook A-0033

Price: $26.95
Video Application of Pre-Woven Cane DVD V-0012

Price: $26.95
Video Chair Caning DVD - The 7-Step Method V-0011

Price: $26.95
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