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Art Deco Mouse in Cast Iron

Price: $155.00
Cow Coin Bank made of Cast Iron UDX-261

Price: $18.95
Cow Large Cast Iron Holstein Milk Cow UDX-428

Price: $85.95
Dog Door Stop Boston Terrier UDX-362

Price: $28.95
Dog Door Stop Dachshund UDX-435

Price: $26.95
Dragonfly Cast Iron  Homart HA-1627-1

Price: $7.85
Elephant Door Stop HA-1524-6

Price: $72.00
Fireplace Cricket Cast Brass UDM-117

Price: $9.95
Homart Beatrice the Hen HA-1671-6

Price: $12.95
Homart Cast Iron Hello Bunny HA-1678-0

Price: $30.00
Homart Fraidy Cats Cast Iron Arched Halloween Pose HA-1664-2

Price: $8.00
Horse Head Wall Hanger "Churchill Trophy Ring" HA-1538-0

Price: $35.95
Life Size Cast Iron Goose UDX-747

Price: $165.95
Owl in Cast Iron "Hooty" HA-1670-0

Price: $7.50
Peacock Cast Iron Doorstop Homart HA-1529-0

Price: $38.00
Piggy Bank Hampshire Hog Cast Iron UDX-421

Price: $22.95
Starfish Cast Iron Homart 2.5 Inches HA-1690-1

Price: $3.50
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