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Aquatic Nautical Cast Brass Seahorse Coat Hook B-0914

Price: $12.95
B-0986 Victorian Style Cast Brass Lion Head Coat Hook

Price: $22.95
Brass and Porcelain Double Coat Hook PB-0972

Price: $6.95
Brass and Porcelain Hall Tree Coat Hook PB-0971

Price: $4.95
Brass Hall Tree Coat Hook with Porcelain Top B-0962

Price: $9.95
Brass Victorian Double Hall Tree Coat Hook A-10

Price: $22.95
Cast Brass Coat Hook Hall Tree Hook with Acorn Tips B-0910

Price: $4.85
Cast Brass Hall Tree Coat Hook A-4

Price: $9.75
Cast Brass Mission Style Coat Hook B-0919 BM-1902PB

Price: $10.95
Cast Brass Victorian Coat Hook B-0964

Price: $9.35
Cast Solid Brass Coat Hook B-0900

Price: $3.65
Gilded Bronze Pill Top Double Coat Hook HERSH-55465GB

Price: $7.95
Ornate Victorian Solid Cast Brass Coat Hook B-0904

Price: $11.95
Polished Victorian Cast Brass Rear Mounted Double Hall Tree Hook BM-1903PB

Price: $18.95
Small Brass Towel Hook Coat Hook Q-96HERSH

Price: $2.55
Small Cast Brass Towel Hook Coat Hook BM-1908PB

Price: $4.35
Small Solid Cast Brass Towel Pot Holder Hook B-0958

Price: $3.85
Solid Cast Brass Coat Hook Hall Tree Hook 4-1/8 Inch Tall B-0907A

Price: $5.65
Solid Cast Brass Coat Hook Hall Tree Hook 4-7/8 Inch High B-0907B

Price: $7.75
Solid Cast Brass Dragon Hall Tree Hook 7 Inches Tall UDUH-440

Price: $18.95
Solid Cast Brass Triple Coat Hall Tree Hook B-0911

Price: $6.85
Solid Cast Brass Victorian Hall Tree Coat Hook LS-124 B-0966

Price: $7.95
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