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Barss Hotel Countertop Bell Desk Bell on Wood Base GLB-4414

Price: $16.95
Brass Hotel Desk Bell Countertop Bell B-9632 UDB-2

Price: $16.95
Brass Hotel Desk Service Bell on Wood Base UDB-129

Price: $18.95
Cast Iron Ruler Tape Dispenser HA-1916-6

Price: $72.95
Giant Antique Brass Hotel Desk Bell UDB-115

Price: $56.95
Nickel Plated Aluminum Hotel Desk Counter Bell UDUB-219

Price: $23.95
Nickel Plated Brass Hotel Desk Bell AA-51524

Price: $27.95
Old Fashioned Victorian Nickel Plated Brass Hotel Desk Bell UDB-96

Price: $16.95
Victorian Hotel Sales Counter Bell in Antique Brass UDB-121

Price: $22.95
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