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(A) Oval Ice Box Hinge Cast Nickel Plated Brass Not Pairs I-8N BM-1502PN N-2087

Price: $10.95
(B) Universal Nickel Left or Right Ice Box Latch N-2067 VHI-N6/7

Price: $32.95
(C) Left Hand Nickel Plated Brass Ice Box Door Latch IB-30N N-2006 BM-1506PN

Price: $11.95
(C) Right Hand Nickel Plated Brass Ice Box Door Latch IB-31N N-2016 BM-1505PN

Price: $11.95
DISCONTINUED, WILL NOT SHIP. Refigerator Ice Box Hinge Trunk Hinge in Nickel Plated Cast Brass N-1799 BM-1575PN

Price: $0.00
Ice Box Hinge BM-1500PN in Nickel N-2097

Price: $8.95
Nickel Plated Brass White Clad Ice Box Label N-2057 IB-10N BM-1510PN

Price: $8.25
Right Hand Nickel Ice Box Latch Handle I-21N

Price: $21.95
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