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Adjustable Magnetic Cylinder Catch MC-127P

Price: $4.85
Brown 17/32" Drill and Drive Cylinder Magnet and Plate M-394PB

Price: $1.95
Catch Concealed MD-25S

Price: $1.65
Catch M-1294B

Price: $0.65
Catch M-299B

Price: $1.35
Catch Magnetic M-36PW

Price: $0.85
Catch MGP-262B Brown Magnetic Catch

Price: $1.65

Price: $0.85
Catch MGP76/64B

Price: $0.55
Drill & Drive Cylinder Magnet 9 LB Magnet MGEMOIS4S

Price: $2.35
Drill & Drive Cylinder Magnet. 4 LB Magnet MGEMOIS1S

Price: $2.35
Magnetic Catch M-1293P

Price: $2.85
Magnetic Catch M-548SQUARES

Price: $0.75
Magnetic Push Catch M-559S

Price: $1.65
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