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12 Inch Antique Brass Finished Magnifying Glass with Decorated Handle UDA-1030

Price: $28.95
Antique Brass finished Mother of Pearl Magnifying Glass & Letter Opener Set AA-51803

Price: $36.95
Antique Brass Hour Glass Timer UDA-954

Price: $115.95
Brass & Bone Magnifying Glass with Letter Opener Set. AA-51477

Price: $33.95
Brass & Twisted Wood Curved Handle Magnifying Glass. AA-51003

Price: $22.95
Brass & Wood Magnifying Glass UDA-112

Price: $18.95
Brass & Wood Magnifying Glass, With Letter Opener Set, Lacquered. AA-51476

Price: $32.95
Brass Magnifying Glass in a Wooden Box UDA-1080

Price: $28.95
Brass Magnifying Glass on a Scissor Stand UDA-1116

Price: $39.95
Brass Map Magnifying Glass and Box UDA-967

Price: $38.95
Brass Nautical Telescope in a Wooden Box AA-51139

Price: $98.95
Brass Swirled Handle Magnifying Glass and Letter Opener Set UDA-1026

Price: $32.95
Cobalt Blue Magnifying Glass UDA-1032

Price: $34.95
Discontinued WILL NOT SHIP Checker Board Bone Ball AA-51025

Price: $0.00
Magnifying Glass Brass with Horn Handle UDA-1154

Price: $22.95
Magnifying Glass in a Bronze Finish with Carved Wooden Handle AA-51475

Price: $32.95
Magnifying Glass Keychain Folding Brass and Nylon UDA-1179

Price: $8.95
Magnifying Glass Keychain Premium in Brass Mini Size UDA-1140

Price: $9.95
Magnifying Glass with Black and White Checker Board Handle AA-51365

Price: $28.95
Magnifying Glass with Clear Glass Handle UDA-1028

Price: $34.95
Magnifying Glass, Letter Opener, and Compass AA-51748

Price: $49.95
Map Magnifying Glass with Wood Case UDA-952

Price: $24.95
Mother of Pearl Inlay Antique Brass Magnifying Glass UDA-1029

Price: $32.95
Polished Brass and Glass Hour Glass Timer AA-51332

Price: $59.95
Polished Brass and Glass Hour Glass Timer UDA-100

Price: $24.95
Polished Brass Marble and Glass Hour Glass Timer UDA-1062

Price: $32.95
Rectangular Brass and Bone Magnifying Glass UDA-1185

Price: $42.95
Small Brass and Wood Magnifying Glass UDA-1305

Price: $14.95
Small Brass Magnifying Glass UDA-1304

Price: $13.95
Wood and Brass Magnifying Glass with Felt Bag UDA-178

Price: $22.95
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