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"A" Kellogg Curved Black Curved Crank for Oak Telephones BL-9923

Price: $24.95
"A" Kellogg Curved Brass Antique Oak Telephone Crank Handle B-9921

Price: $24.95
"B" Brass Crank Hole Cover for Antique Oak Telephone B-9926

Price: $6.95
"C" Western Electric Curved Black Crank with Black Handle for Antique Oak Telephones BL-9924

Price: $24.95
"C" Western Electric Curved Brass Oak Telephone Crank Handle B-9922

Price: $23.95
"D" Slotted Brass Screw for Oak Telephone Bell B-9958

Price: $1.95
"D" Western Electric Brass Screw for Oak Telephone Bells B-9959

Price: $6.95
"E" Old Original Brass Antique Bell for Oak Telephones B-9954

Price: $20.95
"E" Original Antique Black Oak Telephone Bell BL-9953

Price: $20.95
"F" Brass Bell Mount for Oak Telephone B-9951

Price: $12.95
"G" Oak Telephone Clapper Cover B-9952

Price: $8.95
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