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10 Inch Tall Oil Lamp Chimney 3 Inch Fitter C-9554

Price: $13.95
3.5 Inch Miniature Clear Glass Chimney for Nutmeg Lamp with 1-1/8 inch fitter C-9550

Price: $8.95
4.5 Inch Tall Clear Miniature Nutmeg Lamp Glass Chimney with 1-1/8 inch fitter C-9551

Price: $10.95
8-1/2 Inch Tall Oil Lamp Chimney with 3 inch fitter C-9553

Price: $12.95
Aladdin Parchment Oil Lamp Shade N-110

Price: $28.95
Brass Tripod D-9532

Price: $8.95
Clear Glass Chimney C-9558

Price: $18.95
Clear Glass Rayo Oil Lamp Chimney C-9559

Price: $18.95
Clear/Frosted Glass Chimney C-9559F

Price: $16.95
Price: $0.00
DISCONTINUED Colonial Shade C-9560

Price: $0.00
Frosted Matador Glass Chimney C-9558F

Price: $19.95
Oil Lamp Chimney C-9557

Price: $14.95
Slim 10 Inch Tall Oil Lamp Chimney 3 inch fitter C-9555

Price: $13.95
Tripod Brass Plated D-9530

Price: $7.95
Tripod Brass Plated D-9531

Price: $6.95
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