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Antique Brass Finished Purse Latch OBP-2127ANTB

Price: $4.85
Antique Nickel Finished Purse Latch OBP-2127ANTN

Price: $4.85
Brass Finished Purse Latch OBP-2127GOLD

Price: $5.35
Gold Plated Swing Purse Latch OBP-2433GOLD

Price: $3.75
Nickel Plated Purse Latch OBP-2127NP

Price: $4.75
Nickel Plated Small Box Latch OBP-2433NP

Price: $3.65
Purse Latch or Small Box Latch OBP-2433ANTB

Price: $2.65
Small Box Purse Latch Brushed Brass 3/4 x 1 Inches OBL-2293BB

Price: $4.25
Small Box Purse Latch Latch in Brass 1x1-1/4 Inch OBL-2287BB

Price: $4.55
Small Brass Box Latch LD-1270HERSH

Price: $2.45
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