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5 Count Caning Wedges W-7930

Price: $3.95
Brass Chair Caning Pegs 10 Count B-7909

Price: $28.95
Caning Awl S-7920

Price: $4.75
Caning Insertion Tool PL-7942

Price: $11.95
Caning Insertion Tool PL-7943

Price: $11.95
Caning Needle S-7921

Price: $18.50
Chair Caning Tool W-7922

Price: $13.50
Fifty Count of Wooden Caning Pegs W-7910

Price: $11.95
Spline Removal Chisel S-7940

Price: $23.95
Spline Removal Chisel S-7941

Price: $17.95
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