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Cherry (Flat Cut) W4-5541-2X4

Price: $48.95
Cherry (Flat Cut) W4-5541-2X8

Price: $82.95
Curly Maple (Flat Cut) W5-5544-2X4

Price: $95.95
Curly Maple (Flat Cut) W5-5544-2X8

Price: $132.95
Furniture Restoration Book A-0034

Price: $12.95
Hot Melt Glue Sheets G-6855

Price: $6.95
Knotty Pine (Flat Cut) W8-5545-2X4

Price: $65.25
Knotty Pine (Flat Cut) W8-5545-2X8

Price: $102.25
Mahogany (Flat Cut) W6-5504-2X4

Price: $48.95
Mahogany (Flat Cut) W6-5504-2X8

Price: $88.95
Mahogany (Flat Cut) W6-5538-4X8

Price: $143.25
Maple Veneer (Flat Cut) W5-5505-2X4

Price: $46.95
Maple Veneer (Flat Cut) W5-5505-2X8

Price: $79.95
Red Oak (Flat Cut)  W3-5506-2X4

Price: $36.95
Red Oak (Flat Cut)  W3-5506-2X8

Price: $59.95
Red Oak (Quartered w/Flake) W3-5508-2X4

Price: $72.95
Red Oak (Quartered w/Flake) W3-5508-2X8

Price: $125.95
Red Oak (Rift Cut) W3-5549-2X4

Price: $59.95
Red Oak (Rift Cut) W3-5549-2X8

Price: $93.95
Ribbon Mahogany (Flat Cut) W2-5546-2X4

Price: $49.95
Ribbon Mahogany (Flat Cut) W2-5546-2X8

Price: $73.95
Walnut (Flat Cut) W2-5501-2X4

Price: $33.40
Walnut (Flat Cut) W2-5501-2X8

Price: $56.95
Walnut (Flat Cut) W2-5530-4X8

Price: $98.95
Walnut Burl W2-5593-2X8

Price: $320.00
White Ash (Flat Cut) W7-5543-2X4

Price: $49.95
White Ash (Flat Cut) W7-5543-2X8

Price: $78.95
White Oak (Flat Cut) W3-5507-2X4

Price: $48.95
White Oak (Flat Cut) W3-5507-2X8

Price: $69.95
White Oak (Quartered w/Flake) W3-5509-2X4

Price: $49.95
White Oak (Quartered w/Flake) W3-5509-2X8

Price: $82.95
White Oak (Quartered w/Flake) W3-5536-4X8

Price: $135.25
Wood Bender's Handbook A-0058

Price: $22.95
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